Below are some frequently asked questions about the Chippewa Valley Home Builder Association's annual Parade of Homes.
  • When is the Parade of Homes?

    The 2020 Chippewa Valley Parade of Homes that was supposed to take place June 6 - 13th will now be held as a Virtual Parade of Homes to be released on June 24th. A fall Parade of Homes is in the works and more details will be released later on this event.
  • How will a Virtual Parade of Homes work?

    Each of the homes will have it's own page and can be found on the Parade map. You can view information about the Parade Homes beginning in May. Tours of the homes are being filmed and will be released on June 24th. After June 24th, you can visit the pages of the homes to view a 2-3 minute tour.
  • How do I find the Parade Homes?

    A. We will have a map available of the Parade Homes, but the homes are not available for walk-throughs. However a 2-3 minute video will be available on this site of each home.
  • Are you still making a Parade magazine?

    Yes, we will still have a Home Inspirations Magazine printed in June that will be distributed throughout the Chippewa Valley. The magazine will have a feature on each home with information on how to view the home's virtual tour.
  • Do I need a ticket to view the Virtual Parade of Homes?

    No! We're making this as easy as possible for everyone to view these homes. No ticket is necessary, just visit the Parade Homes pages to view the video.
  • Are the Parade Homes for sale?

    Most of the Parade Homes are custom built for a specific homeowner, however each year a few homes are built as spec homes and may be available for purchase. If the home is for sale it will be indicated on the house’s listing on the Browse Homes page. If you’re interested in finding out about Parade Homes available for purchase, you can call (715) 835-2526 or email Christina for more information.
  • What happened to the Parade of Homes app?

    We have switched software companies and now there is no need to download an app! You can view all of the information on this website easily on your phone.
  • Where do I find a Home Inspirations Parade of Homes magazine?

    Home Inspirations Magazines can be picked up at our office at 4319 Jeffers Road in Eau Claire and at various locations in the Chippewa Valley. For more information on picking up a magazine, call 715-835-2526.
  • What is the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association?

    The Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association’s mission is to build a better area housing industry through promotion, advocacy and education. We are a membership-driven organization with over 380 members in the building, remodeling and related industries. We provide opportunities for members to grow and be successful in business along with opportunities for the public to gain education and learn more about the housing industry. Our two signature events are the Parade of Homes and the Home & Garden Show.
  • I have a question that’s not on the list. Who do I contact?

    Feel free to call our office at (715) 835-2526 or visit the CONTACT  page to fill out your request.